Quilted Sari & Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Block


This one-of-a-kind meditation cushion block is handcrafted from a variety of unique, Amma-blessed prasad saris and sold as a limited edition item.

Beautiful and ideal for meditators and yogis of all levels, yet wonderful for casual sitting and relaxing, too. At 4" high, our Quilted Sari & Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Block is an excellent height for comfortable meditation sessions, allowing one to enter more deeply into stillness, with less chance of numb limbs. Soft, yet firmly supportive, the cushion’s natural buckwheat hull filling easily conforms to your body’s shape and encourages the curves of your spine to relax gently into place as you sit, helping to prevent any back strain. 

Each cushion cover is crafted from a combination of unique fabrics. The top portion features decorative quilting on a prasad sari and is stitched to a bottom section of durable, designer upholstery fabric. The inside of the cover is lined in natural cotton, providing added protection to the cushion’s contents. The cover’s hidden zipper gives this cushion block a smooth, seamless finish while providing access to the buckwheat hull filling for easily removing and re-adding, as needed, to achieve the perfect level of comfort.

Note: Also shown in some cushion photos is the Lotus Sari Meditation Mat, sold separately. Please also note, all colors may differ slightly from photos, depending on each computer screen’s settings. 

SIZE:  13" W x 8" L x 4" H

MATERIAL:  Polyester cover, with cotton lining. Buckwheat hull fill.

ORIGIN:  Handcrafted in India.

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