Radha Doll Small (Blessed)


Amma specially blessed the doll for this online shop.

Radha embodies passionate love that – if aimed towards God – quickly leads towards self-realization. The Devotion of the Gopis was of high quality, for they gave their devotion with no hope of reward. Among the Gopis, Radha was the outstanding example. Krishna cleansed her of the dross of selfishness, so that at last her love was burnished like pure gold. It had to stand the test of physical parting from Him this she could do only because she was spiritually one with Him. Neither space nor time could alter the perfection of their relationship. She was naïve and childlike. Like a Yogi, her mind was totally unattracted to the external world and reveled only in the Lord. Radha is the picture of the soul who is ever immersed in divine love. Like a lamp burning in a sheltered place, the fire of Her love burned steadily for the Lord alone.

Radha’s pearl mala is Prasad (blessed by Amma). 

All our dolls are handmade with love and prayers. Usually no more than three of each doll number are made.

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Height:  6.75 inches (17cm)

Origin:  Handcrafted in India


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