Satsang at M.A. Center, Vol. 31

Volume 31 in this series focuses on Divine Love (part 1-4). These spiritual talks, or satsangs as they are called in Sanskrit, are an unusual and entertaining combination of stories, anecdotes, and scriptural references. They also contain many of Swami's own personal spiritual experiences with Amma and other saints. With genuine insight and humor, these talks are a treasure of inspiration and knowledge. In March of 1968 this young, American-born Westerner journeyed to India to seek self-realization. In 1980, shortly after meeting Amma, he settled at her ashram in Kerala, India. From 1990 he was the monk-in-charge at Amma's California center, where he gave regular classes on Amma's teachings and the scriptures of ancient India.

Collections: Talks by Amma's Swamis

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