Satsang at M.A. Center, Vol. 07 (CD)

Volume 7 in this series contains a talk on Obstacles on the Path and Tips on Sadhana, or spiritual practices. These spiritual talks, or satsangs as they are called in Sanskrit, are an unusual and entertaining combination of stories, anecdotes, and scriptural references. They also contain many of Swami's own personal spiritual experiences with Amma and other saints. With genuine insight and humor, these talks are a treasure of inspiration and knowledge. Since 1968 Swami Paramatmananda Puri has lived the life of a renunciate in India, moving there at the age of nineteen where he kept the company of many saints and sages over the years. In 1979 he met Amma who became his guru, and he soon became one of her senior disciples. He was eventually asked to return to the U. S. to serve as head of Amma's first center in the West. Many residents and visitors to the center have shared that one of the high points of the programs there have been Swami's talks, encompassing his experience in India, his understanding of scriptural texts, and his life on the spiritual path. Born in America and familiar with the analytical Western mind, yet having fully lived and imbibed Eastern spiritual truths, he is able to present those truths in a manner which is readily understood by everyone. He now lives at Amma's ashram in India.

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