Single Rudraksha Beads


Used in the East for many centuries for improving many different areas of life, these large Rudraksha seeds have tremendous transformative and healing properties. Some are said to enhance mental power and improve physical strength and well-being, while others are said to remove obstacles, assist in healing diseases, and yet others bring wealth and prosperity.

Although the claims for Rudrakshas may seem a bit magical, their powers are certainly tangible to any of those who have worn them, and Amma herself states they have many medicinal properties. Traditionally worn by yogis in India, Rudraksha beads are the seeds of a large evergreen tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus ) found in India and Asia. It is said they were created out of Shiva's compassion so that humans might be relieved from their suffering, and many ancient scriptures strongly recommend all people wear Rudrakshas to benefit from their many auspicious and healing qualities.

Rudrakshas are also said to correspond to various planets and are said to help or relieve planetary afflictions.

1 Facet:

Very rare and prized. Represents Lord Siva himself. This Rudraksha is said to be best of all and is very powerful in awakening our awareness and knowledge of God. Removes all kinds of obstacles and washes away sins. Bestows health, wealth, longevity, peace and harmony. Corresponds to the Sun.

2 Facets:

Represents Ardhanareeswar or Shiva and Shakti. Good for couples. It is very useful and effective for mentally hardworking people. It cools and stimulates the working capacity of the brain. It gives peace and concentration to the mind. It enhances the Kundalini as well as increasing one's inclination towards spiritual and religious matters. Corresponds to the Moon.

3 Facets:

This represents Agni (fire). It improves knowledge and wealth. By wearing this Rudraksha one will become very brilliant and shine like Agni. Especially useful for bringing good luck. Good for those who may be unhappy or lack confidence. Corresponds to Mars.

4 Facets:

Represents the creator of the world the Lord Brahma. It improves memory, creative and logical powers, speaking ability, and generally sharpens the brain. It gives clarity of thought to the planet Mercury.

5 Facets:

Generally five face Rudrakshas are meant for all around purposes and are worn as necklaces. It saves a person from many types of sins. It increases a person's inclination towards spiritual and religious matters. Provides good luck and achievement of desires. Corresponds to the planet Jupiter.

6 Facets:

Gives learning, wisdom and courage. Relieves worldly sorrows. Represents Karthikeya or Subramanya, the younger son of Lord Shiva. Specially worn for success in studies and business prosperity. Corresponds to Venus. Said to be especially powerful when worn in conjuction with the 4 face Rudraksha for increasingg the powers of the mind.

7 Facets:

Represents Kamadeva - the Lord of Desire. Good for wealth, flawless perception and purity of mind. Also represents Mahalakshmi and Lord Saturn and is reputed to help alleviate the ill effects associated with Saturn, such as long-term or chronic diseases, coldness or depression. Good health and wealth is blessed to those who wear a seven faced Rudraksha. Corresponds to Saturn.

Care of Rudrakshas: It is helpful to keep Rudrakshas clean since dust and dirt can settle in their pores. One way to clean them is to soak them in soapy water overnight and then with a new toothbrush scrub the seeds clean. Then, after cleaning them rub them with a little olive oil to make sure the seeds don't dry out. The more traditional method to clean them is to soak them overnight in mustard oil (mustard oil is found in Indian grocery stores). The oil should then be wiped off. This will remove most impurities. However, be careful with your clothes for the next few days as the oil can be a bit messy until it is absorbed.

Rudrakshas should be worn on black or red thread or on gold chains. Rudrakshas also have their own individual mantras to empower them; however, if you take them to Amma to be blessed this is the most certain way to insure that they work at their most effective and potent levels.

 Lastly, if you do not wish to wear the Rudrakshas, you may also worship them which will help cultivate their auspicious qualities in you.

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