Smoky Quartz, Pearl & Rudraksha Necklace

We are all beads strung together on the same thread of love.”  –Amma

This stunning Smoky Quartz, Pearl & Rudraksha Necklace was worn and blessed by Amma and is imbued with her sacred energy. The beauty of the distinctive, dark-colored smoky quartz crystal beads is further enhanced with natural, white pearls and 8 mm Rudraksha beads. This rare and stunning necklace is hand-looped with 14K gold-filled wire, and finished with a special, large, Five-Faced Rudraksha guru bead from Nepal.

Smoky quartz is a protective stone, known to counter fear, lift depression and bring about emotional calmness, while facilitating positive thoughts and action. Five-Faced Rudraksha beads promote tranquility, peace of mind, focus and concentration.  

Our Amma’s Prasad Jewelry collection is inspired by Amma’s extraordinary acts of love, inner strength and self-sacrifice, and her offerings of every thought, word and deed to benefit others. From the Sanskrit word ‘prāsāda’, ‘prasad’ means a devotional gift, given graciously, that is shared between the Divine and the individual making the offering. At its essence, prasad symbolizes the giving of our love and devotion, as well as receiving it back in the form of a blessing or grace.    

  • Worn and blessed by Amma
  • Smoky quartz gemstone beads (6 mm)
  • 10 natural, white pearls (6 mm)
  • 6 Five-Faced Rudraksha beads (8 mm)  
  • Large, Nepalese Five-Faced Rudraksha guru bead  
  • 14K gold-filled wire 
  • 54 beads total  
  • Length 36"
  • Handcrafted in India with sacred mantras
  • (Large, blue geode stone is a photo prop only, and not included.)

FINAL SALE:  Prasad Jewelry items cannot be returned or exchanged.

CARE:  Avoid using abrasive chemicals or products. To clean the gemstones, simply dip the necklace into warm water with mild soap for approximately 30 seconds before wiping with a lint-free cloth. When not using, store jewelry separately in a plastic bag to prevent tarnish and scratches.


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