Sweet Patch Dress


Adorably zero waste, handmade, and one-of-a-kind. Each dress is a completely unique creation, a delightfully precious flower. Made from a treasure of soft, hand-selected, handmade block prints, with a tiny handmade flower on the bodice. Adjustable ties at the shoulder give sizing versatility. Fully lined with soft cotton. Since no two dresses are alike, chances are you won’t be receiving the same dress you see in the picture. Just choose the size and let the dress choose your little one -- you will be delighted!

SIZE: 1 YR  (fits 9-12 Months)

          20” waistband, 18” length

2 YR  (fits 2-4 YR)

          22” waistband, 22” length

4 YR  (fits 4-6 YR)

          23” waistband, 26” length

6 YR  (fits 6-8 YR)

          26” waistband, 31” length

COLOR: Each is a one-of-a-kind, unique patchwork of handmade block prints

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton

ORIGIN: Made in India

CARE: Preserve colors and avoid shrinkage: Wash colors separately, hand wash cold, or machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang to dry.

MODEL:  8-month-old baby is wearing the Sweet Patch Dress, size 1 YR, and her 2-year-old playmate is wearing the Sweet Patch Dress, size 2 YR. Baby’s mom is wearing the Lucknow Peace Tunic and Churi Leggings. 7-year-old model indoors is wearing the Sweet Patch Dress, size 6 YR. All the models are pictured with small Bhakti Bear.


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