Talks by Swami Paramatmananda Puri, Vol. 05

"Since 1968, Swami Paramatmananda Puri has lived the life of a renunciate in India, moving there at the age of nineteen to imbibe the spiritual essence of this great and ancient culture. It has been his good fortune to have kept the company of many saints and sages over the years, culminating in his meeting with his Guru, Amma, in 1979. As one of her senior disciples, he was eventually asked to return to the U.S. to serve as head of the first ashram in the West, the Mata Amritanandamayi Center in California, where he remained in residence from 1990 to 2001. Many residents and visitors to the Center have shared that one of the highlights of the programs has been Swamiji's talks. Filled with humor, wit, and sincerity, his satsangs encompass his broad experiences in India, his deep understanding of scriptural texts, and his life dedicated to the spiritual path. Originally available only on tape (volumes 27 through 33), his talks have now been transcribed, with his speaking style preserved as much as possible, making this volume a treasury of wisdom for years to come.The illuminating satsangs in this volume include: Amma's Vedanta, Cry to Amma, Obstacles to Peace, The Power of Karma, Questions and Answers, and Bhishma the Great Part 2. "

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