The Path of the Mother

Much has been written about the feminine faces of God, but this book is a first-hand account of one woman's experience with the Divine Mother. The Path of the Mother is a wonderful journey to union with the Divine, framed by Savitri Bess's own years of devotion to the Indian master, Amma. Interweaving Hindu myths with her own quest and those of others, Bess reveals this journey as an exodus from loneliness to the wondrous integration of love, worship, and service. Practical exercises, meditations, yoga, and prayers will help both novice and veteran seekers to rediscover their innocence, balance their inner masculine and feminine energies, resolve their buried wounds, desires, and talents, and open their hearts to the nurturing guidance of the Mother-God within."Love is Amma's nature. She cannot be otherwise... Amma cannot return our anger, hatred, or abuse. Amma can only bestow boundless compassion and love." "As far as Mother is concerned, everyone is her child... Children, did not Mother come when you called? Thus did she not obey you?--" quotes by Amma. Published by Ballantine Books with eight pages of photos of Amma.