Throat Spray

Peekay’s Throat Spray is for anyone with an acute or chronic sore throat. Especially
useful to protect the throat during the cold winter months. It’s like ‘hand-sanitizer’ for the throat & upper airways. Throat Spray can be combined with any other Peekay’s herbal formula that targets upper respiratory symptoms for increasing focus on protecting and soothing the throat. This formula is also appropriate for patients whose colds and flus always start with an irritated throat and they need to nip the early signs of mild sore throat in the bud before they progress to a full blown illness.

Peekay’s Throat Spray supports and soothes the throat to stops colds from lodging in the throat area. Also supports reduced swelling, pain & inflammation, lubricates a dry and irritated throat and moistens vocal chords in case of laryngitis.

Peekay’s Throat Spray has ingredients with anti-viral and anti-bacterial actions to support the throat during infections. It also contains soothing and anti-inflammatory herbs to reduce throat swelling and discomfort. And lastly, it has moistening and lubricating ingredients to help support the mucosal membranes of the throat and upper airways. Peekay’s premium-grade herbs are carefully selected and procured by highly reputable suppliers whose skilled herbalists travel the world to source the best raw materials. They contract with bio-regional farm communities who have generations of experience in cultivating and harvesting their indigenous crops, using the most natural and traditional methods. This is done without the use of pesticides, fungicides, sulfites, or fumigation.

Organic and ethically harvested herbs are always chosen whenever possible. These fresh, raw herbs are carefully dried and inspected, then shipped promptly to our domestic manufacturers in the US.

Supporting Eco-friendly agriculture and Fair-trade practices preserves the local
environments, the farmers, and their ancient traditions of herb cultivation and processing. The herbs are then further inspected and examined by experienced herbalists and lab technicians, who carefully prepare and process them according to the highest standards of protocol supported by traditional and modern practices.

Peekay’s premium extracts are manufactured under strict quality controls, using
proprietary, multi-phased, dual extraction systems. Our liquid herbal products are water based, full-spectrum, extracts. Water and/or alcohol is used as appropriate to maximize the amounts and types of compounds extracted, always in accordance with traditional principles.


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