White Flower Meditation For World Peace and Divine Grace -[ENGLISH ]


     We would like everyone to know about the special gift, a
wonderful boon we just received from Amma. After repeated
requests, Amma has finally agreed to make the, 'The White
Flower Meditation For World Peace and Divine Grace' available
for Her children.

 For the last three years, Amma has been guiding people all

over the world through this beautiful and powerful, 'White
Flower Meditation For World Peace & Divine Grace.' Since
then, devotees have been requesting Amma to make this
available for them to practice in their lives. Amma feels that the
daily practice of this meditation can reduce 80 percent of the
darkness and negative vibrations prevailing in today's world.
"In Amma's own words, "When practiced by many, whether
together or apart, as each one lights their own candle, let the
darkness of ignorance be dispelled forever; may peace and
happiness prevail."

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