World Tour 2016 Vol. 06

In the final volume of Amma's 2016 World Tour Bhajans, Amma sings in a variety of languages, including Malayalam (Amma's mothertongue), English, Tamil, Bengali and Gujarati. In the beautiful "Vitarata Tamara," Amma sings, in Malayalam the beautiful verse: "O Amma, I am an unblossomed lotus bud ever sitting and meditating with closed eyes. O Effulgent Mother of the world, I long to blossom in the ray of Your radiance when You come to close to me." Songs include: Areyanareyanishtam, Kanninakattoru Kannunde, Vitarata Tamar, Manamirukka Ahankaram, Avo Ma Amma, Hridoye Acho, Tori Koler, Underneath a Kalpataru, and Only Love.

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